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Isolation Transformers

POWERTRONIX Medical Isolation Transformers are optimized specifically for medical equipment applications. They provide clean AC power with noise suppression and protection from AC transients.

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3-Phase Transformers

3-Phase Transformers converts incoming line voltage to desired output load voltage, as well as adapt the incoming 3-phase line configuration to the desired 3-phase load configuration.


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Current Transformers

Current Transformers, also known as Instrument transformer.  They are used for sensing current through a conductor.  Winding turns ratio will provide a relationship to input current and output current. 

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Dental Transformers

Dental Transformers are used in medical devices that require improved electrical isolation and helps to reduce leakage current. 

Our product provides protection to abnormal operating conditions such as over load, over current and improvised cooling, as well as filter power disturbances and noises.

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High Voltage Transformers

High Voltage Toroidal Transformers are designed light weight, small in size, high efficient and high reliability for rough environmental conditions.  High Voltage Transformers also provide electrical isolation, power distribution and control and instrumentation applications.

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Medical Grade Transformers

 Medical Grade Transformer provides 
 Clean AC power with noise suppression 
 Protection from AC transients.
 Optimize power solution for medical equipment

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Powertronix Low Inrush Current Isolation transformer has the capability of limiting the inrush current inherently  and stop nuisance tripping the breaker without any single external components. Powertronix Low inrush transformer technology is dependable, robust and cost effective. Further, Low inrush transformer may improve the life expectancy of the powering device. 


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Intermittent Duty Cycle Transformers

Intermittent Duty Cycle Transformers are small size, low weight, single bolt mounted and well optimized.  Smaller transformers are used when the load is intermittent and the duty cycle is shorter than thermal time constant of the transformer.

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Low profile transformers are design for slim line equipment and low profile rack systems.

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High Efficient Power Transformers

Highly Efficient Power Transformers have the measurable ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time to produce the desired results and meet any requirement.

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3-Phase Auto Transformers offer a significant size and weight reduction as well as lower cost. Auto Transformers are for voltage step up or step down when there is no requirement for electrical isolation. 

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