Your expertise in getting us through the CE and NRTL process is a huge help. Years ago, we tried to do some of the detailed design of the transformers. Now, we rely on (Powertronix) team to do the technical aspects of the design, and we are always hitting the mark on performance and safety.
— Patrick, Electrical Engineer

Thanks for everything. They finished the testing at the weekend and everything passed. Don’t think there is anymore testing required. Thanks again for everything in getting the transformer shipped so quickly. Really got us out of a jam. Shouldn’t require anymore support for a couple of weeks.... Thanks again for everything.
— Stephen, Engineering

“The products and service we have been receiving from Powertronix over more than 20 years are extraordinary… a key component for our instrumentation and we have never had any failed Powertronix’s transformer. We so appreciate the contribution from Powertronix…”
— Lucia, Operations

“All assemblies tested with Powertronix inductor passed our tests. We just shipped to …….Once again another great job by the people of POWERTRONIX!”
— Mike, Electrical Engineer

“Items received and they are truly little works of art. Thank you so much for the timely build, test, and delivery….”
— Scott, Electrical/Systems Engineering Manager

“I wish more of our suppliers/manufacturers were as dedicated and passionate about their job and customers as you are……Thank you very much for your sincere effort ….”
— Maria , Sr. Buyer/Planner

“Thank you for all your help with our project and thanks to your team has provided a clean solution to a complex problem.”
— Robert, Design Engineer

“Just wanted to say thanks for the 100% On Time Delivery Performance……..Perfect record! Thanks for making it happen!”
— Mike, Sr. Vendor Relations Specialist

“You’re awesome. This is exactly what I needed. I wish I could get this kind of support from all the companies I’m working with on this project.”
— Victor, Program Engineer

“….Once again you have reinforced my belief that Powertronix is a “top shelf” company with whom to do business!”
— Ken, Special Projects Group Leader

“Based on feedback from my Purchasing department, I wanted to share with you the excellent response we have received for your organization….. In this day and age, it is sometimes rare to receive the level of customer service that we have received from your company. ….the prototypes were delivered as promised, allowing us to begin UL testing on schedule. Due to the excellent quality of these pasts, we quickly received UL approval. We have since received productions parts and anticipate additional deliveries sooner than originally promised.”
— Larry, Vice President of Operations

“…I believe that you can’t tell the character of company you deal with until you have a problem and you get to see how they respond. I was very pleased with the way that problem was handled. It give me confirmation that we do in fact have the right people building our transformers and that we can count on you to stand behind your products.”
— Tim , Engineer

“Thanks for all of your hard work in getting these parts expedited to us. We appreciate the extra effort.”
— Tom, Production Manager

“In Powertronix, my company has found a partner that we would like to continue working with for a very long time. Your engineering support, customer service, delivery and pricing are exemplary. I only wish that all of my vendors could perform to your level. Thanks!”
— John, Design Engineer