Current Transformers

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Current Transformers, also known as Instrument transformer.  They are used for sensing current through a conductor.  Winding turns ratio will provide a relationship to input current and output current. 

Powertronix custom design current transformers are efficient, lighter and available in many different types to match all your electrical and mechanical needs.

  •  Switchgears,  automatic transfer switches
  •  Protection recloser 
  •  Panel board power distribution
  •  Revenue Metering and Energy Management 
  •  Power up devices, relays, control circuitry   
  •  Motor and heater controllers  
  •  Energy harvesting  current transformer for controllers. 

  • Features
    • Customized-designs tmeet accuracy, wide current rage, known saturation levels etc.
    • Encapsulated current transformers for outdoor applications
    • Combined three phase CT’s for panel board or underground switchgear.
    • Optional taps for tobtain multiple ratio
    • Wide variety of core types, Grain oriented steel, Amorphous, Powder cores – ferrite, Iron, high permeability materials
    • Class A (105deg C)
    • Class B (130deg C)
    • Class F (155deg C)
    • Class H (180deg C)
  • Safety
    • UL, cUL
    • IEC 60044-4
    • IEEE C57.13
    • CE Marked & RoHS Compliant
  • Mounting
    • Custom mounting bracket
    • Open Frame
    • Encapsulated
  • Specification