Powertronix Toroidal inductors / chokes are smaller, lighter, cooler and more efficient than conventional laminated inductors. Its winding construction geometry helps to lower electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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Powertronix Transformers


Powertronix has developed a complete family of transformers and power supplies. Our experience & knowledge of Industry standards & challenges, enables us to ask the right questions to quickly and easily configure a solution for your product's unique needs.

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AC-DC Power Supplies

AC-DC Linear Power Supply provides Long Life, Highly Reliable, Robust Design in Rugged Conditions.  Single phase or three phase AC inputs with six and twelve pulse conversion for DC smoothness.  

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Power Distribution Units

Powertronix Power Distribution Units (PDU) offer the Isolation features for transformer,  AC Power Distribution and Control, Remote Operation,  Application Specific Protection  System and Operating  Information. 

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Isolation Station

Powertronix Isolation Station is used in medical devices to provide medical isolation from the main electricity supply, limiting  the leakage current and provide patient and operator protection. The possibility of symptomless failure is almost zero.

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These units provide protection to many abnormal operating conditions such as overload, over current and improvised cooling, as well as filter power disturbances and noises.

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