Transformer Testing

Powertronix Transformer Testing

With experienced engineering, efficient custom and standard designs, special construction techniques and processes, cost-effective manufacturing and excellent service, Powertronix guarantees all of its products to our customers.

Powertronix invests heavily in product testing equipment and test resource personnel. We can simulate multitudes of load and circuit possibilities with the wide range of test equipment. We perform extensive series of tests at the prototype stage to verify the prototypes prior to mass production. Some of the detailed test results provide invaluable feedback to our design simulations. We constantly look for continual improvements to optimize the product development iterations and effectiveness.

Our mass production testing is based on international standards. Mass production is automated and keeps all our transformer test records to monitor the batch consistencies and continual improvements.

Some of these tests include:

  • Core magnetizing current
  • No load voltage
  • Hi-pot test
  • Copper and core losses
  • Winding resistance
  • Phase tests
  • Leakage current test
  • Load test
  • Temperature tests

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