With experienced engineering, efficient custom and standard designs, special construction techniques and processes, cost-effective manufacturing and excellent service, Powertronix guarantees all of its products to our customers.

Our production cycle includes a dedicated prototype division with complete representation of mass production critical machines and all other equipments.

This dedicated prototype division ensures quick turn around time from transfer prototype stage to mass production.

Our prototype engineering and operation work force are energetic, creative, innovative and open-minded. They are always exploring possibile of improvements. If the project is complicated, prototype and production work together to run a pilot batch to reassure that the entire process has been properly communicated among all parties.

Why prototype:

  • Research and identify all application requirements
  • Ensure all Powertronix product meets the application requirements
  • Verify all specification requirements have been addressed
  • Identify design issues and provide verification
  • Identify practical mass production issues and repeatability
  • Manufacturing cost analysis and verification

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