Engineered Solution

PowerTronix-EngineeredSolutionWith experienced engineering, efficient custom and standard designs, special construction techniques and processes, cost-effective manufacturing and excellent service, Powertronix guarantees all of its products to our customers. We have ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facilities with a fleet of modern test equipment dedicated for high quality and lower cost manufacturing with shorter time to market. With our large, well-trained workforce, Powertronix stands by every product.

Since 1991, Powertronix has extensive design experience in designing transformers for Medical, Renewable, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Power conversation, Motion control, Energy management systems, Audio and many other applications. Our R&D has done extensive work on transformer designing, material selection and construction techniques, suitable for specific applications. We have retained years of knowledge on both optimized designs and cost effective manufacturing of high quality transformers.


Some of our popular design concepts:

  • Low inrush transformer for many applications: No external components saves further cost and improves reliability
  • Factory improved AC/DC linear power supply
  • High efficient toroidal transformers for renewable solar/ wind harvesting
  • Low loss inductors for renewable applications

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