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Insulation & Shielding

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Insulation Systems

POWERTRONIX toroidal transformers are constructed with reinforced insulation and withstand 4,000 V RMS for 1 minute. Minimum creepage distance is 8 mm.


Insulation Shielding, Powertronix

Static Shielding

In an extremely noisy environment, a static shield may be needed to reduce the capacitive coupling between the primary and secondary. Noise suppression [needs decrease?] decrease with larger core sizes.

The static shield consists of copper foil laminated between polyester tape. A larger core size may be required because the shield adds layers to the transformer’s winding window.



Insulation & Shielding, Powertronix

Low Magnetic Stray Field

With the primary and secondary windings uniformly wound around the entire core, POWERTRONIX toroidals have a very low magnetic stray field. For extremely sensitive applications, the radiated field can be reduced further by winding a magnetic shield around the transformer’s circumference.