Advantages Of Toroidal Transformer

January 1, 2020

Advantages of Toroidal Transformer powerTronix
Why Powertronix Toroidal Transformer?

The toroidal transformer has a lot of advantages over the EI- type transformer. Powertronix offers a wide range of toroidal transformers and uses in-house developed software to design custom toroids.


Advantages of Toroid

  • Cost Effective: Smaller size will result in less material used which will reduce the overall cost of the transformer.
  • Quiet: Very low mechanical hum makes toroidal transformers perfect for the low noise application.
  • Easy to Mount: A single center screw easily and quickly mounts the toroidal transformer, eliminating parts and assembly time in your production.
  • Low Stray Field: Toroidal transformer with evenly wound primaries and secondaries have a very low stray field, best for audio equipment.
  • Lower Off-load Power Consumption:  Long term cost saving due to increased electrical efficiency.
  • Duty Cycle: If your load is high but not constant, that is Toff > Ton, we can design a smaller transformer with duty cycle.
  • Flat Transformer: When height of the transformer is a concern we offer the possibility to vary the core dimension. We can produce an extremely flat transformer design for low profile equipment
Reduce the cost of your equipmentAdvantages of Toroidal Transformer powerTronix

Reduce the cost of your equipment by using toroidal transformer as they are lighter and smaller in size. A small transformer is less expensive to manufacture and reduces the your overall system cost by allowing chassis design. The transformer core, designed from a single strip of steel, will save cost by providing you the option of infinite configuration. The efficiency or losses at each point in the system determines the overall system operating cost. Minimizing these losses lowers the cost of the product and provides long term cost savings to your customer.

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