Safety Approvals

Powertronix offers Self-certification for UL, CSA, CE markings, giving you shorter time-to-market...more

Mounting Guide

Powertronix offers a wide range of mounting solutions...more

Manufacturing Advantage

With experienced engineering, efficient custom and standard designs, special construction techniques and processes, cost-effective manufacturing and excellent service, Powertronix guarantees all of its products to our customers....more

Inrush Current Protection

The excellent magnetic properties of toroidal transformers can occasionally lead to high inrush current when turned on. In the low power range, the inrush current normally lasts less than 10 ms and does not cause any problems. For large toroidal transformers, we recommend the following protection...more

Regulation & Temperature Rise

Load, duty cycle, voltage regulation, and thermal needs can affect configuration...more

Linear Power Supplies

Unregulated linear power supplies can be built with the following circuits and configurations (1) dual complementary rectifier, (2) full wave bridge, (3) full wave center tapped, (4) full wave center tap with choke input. Regulated linear power supplies provide constant output voltage.

Diagrams and how to specify the AC voltage and current for your transformer follow...more

Insulation & Shielding

Insulation systems, static shielding, and control for magnetic strayfield information...more

Primary Configurations

Powertronix offers toroidal transformers with one or several primary windings. The standard primary configurations and color codes are shown...more