Mounting Guide

Powertronix offers a wide variety of mounting methods for toroidal transformers, inductors, and power supplies.

We understand that your needs may be unique or complex. “One-size” does not fit all situations, and we have the expertise to develop the optimal solution for you.

Call us to discuss your specific needs, mounting environment, and options.

Common Solutions


Metal Disk Mounting

Recommended for transformers and inductors that are:
  • Less than 15 lbs (7 kg) in weight
  • Mounted horizontally or vertically in a stable environment.

Metal Disk Dimensions
Outer Diameter
Inner Diameter
2.0" / 50 mm0.17” / 4.3 mm 0.04” / 1.0 mm8-36
2.4” / 60 mm0.20” / 5.3 mm 0.05” / 1.3 mm10-32
2.8” / 70 mm0.26” / 6.3 mm0.05” / 1.3 mm1/4"
3.5” / 90 mm0.33” / 8.3 mm0.06” / 1.5 mm5/16”
4.4” / 112 mm0.37” / 9.3 mm0.08” / 2.0 mm5/16”
5.7” / 145 mm0.4” / 10.3 mm0.08” / 2.0 mm3/8”

Center-potted Mounting

Recommended for transformers or inductors that are:
  • More than 15 lbs / 7 kg in weight
  • In environments subject to rough handling
  • Low-profile products / critical height limitations

The center of the transformer or inductor is filled with epoxy potting, and a center hole is drilled through the potting for easy, one-screw mounting.

The potting can be recessed to hide a protruding screw head

If requested, threaded inserts can be installed and foam or rubber pads attached to the bottom of the unit.

Cylindrical Enclosure

The transformer or inductor is potted into a cylindrical enclosure.

Recommended for transformers and inductors that are:
  • Less than 15 lbs / 7 kg in weight
  • In a product that requires an attractive appearance
  • In rough environments, requiring mechanical protection

Flange Mount

If vertically mounted, transformers can be supplied with square mounting brackets to ensure secure installation.

Other options include terminal blocks or potting the bottom for extra stability.

Configured Mounting Solutions

Powertronix can provide unique mounting options for challenging mounting locations and environments. Many of our standard configurations can be easily and cost-effectively adapted for specialized purposes. Highly custom configurations are also possible. Please call Powertronix to discuss your needs.