POWERTRONIX Toroidal inductors / chokes are smaller, lighter, cooler and more efficient than conventional laminated inductors. Its winding construction geometry helps to lower electromagnetic interference (EMI). This reduces noise for surrounding sensitive electronic components. Toroidal inductors are also audibly quiet.

Powertronix toroidal inductors are used for filtering harmonics from main signals in the electronic/electrical applications because their impedance increases when frequency increases. Inductors are also used for smoothing the voltage and current ripples at AC/DC linear power supplies. Energy storing nature is used to smooth out the inductive kick backs due to load variations.

Powertronix inductors are also used in DC motors and servo motor controls to improve motor performance and efficiency.

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  Safety Approvals
  Insulation Class

Product Guideline

Part NumberCurrent(I)
( L ) (mH)
L.Idc2 (Ws)
(A X B)"
D11017401.04.4" x 1.6"4.0
D11027601.55.4" x 2.0"6.2
D110314101.04.4" x 1.6"4.0
D110414151.55.4" x 2.0"6.2
D110514202.05.4" x 2.4"7.5
D110614403.96.3" x 2.8"13.0
D110721204.46.3" x 2.8"13.0
D110821408.87.9" x 3.3"26.4
D1109216013.29.7" x 3.5"41.8
D11102852.05.4" x 2.0"6.2
D111128103.96.3" x 2.8"13.0
D111228207.87.9" x 3.0"23.0
D11134254.46.3" x 2.8"13.0
D111442108.87.9" x 3.3"26.4
D1115421513.29.7" x 3.5"41.8
D11165657.87.9" x 3.0"23.0